Frequently Asked Questions

What is Volo?

Volo is a liquid staking DeFi platform tailored for the SUI ecosystem. By staking SUI with Volo, you'll receive vSUI, a liquid counterpart of SUI usable across numerous DeFi platforms. The vSUI's growth and utility are overseen by the Volo DAO via governance.

What is vSUI?

vSUI symbolizes the value of staked SUI tokens. It allows users to keep the liquidity of their staked assets whilst receiving rewards.

How can I use vSUI?

Utilize vSUI like SUI tokens on platforms that are compatible with Volo and the SUI ecosystem. vSUI serves various functions such as engaging in DeFi protocols, trading on DEXs, or adding liquidity to pools.

Documentation and Wallet Setup

Interested in SUI staking or setting up your wallet? Check our Supported Wallets and How to Stake and Unstake

SUI Staking Limits

  • Minimum amount of SUI tokens for staking: 1 SUI

  • Maximum amount of SUI tokens for staking: No set limit; stake as you wish.

  • Minimum amount for unstaking vSUI: 1 vSUI

Unstaking Timeframe

Unstaking operations are processed roughly once every epoch (24h). Or depending on the total available Sui to Unstake.

Earning Rewards

By staking SUI tokens, you accrue daily rewards. These are automatically funneled into the rewards pool. The vSUI's value rises daily, indicating its relative worth in SUI. The current vSUI to SUI ratio is 1:1.

Rewards Distribution

Post staking your SUI tokens, rewards accumulation starts immediately and distributions occur daily.

Volo Staking Fees

Volo charges a 10% fee from the APY, which is then distributed to $VOLO token holders. This fee is apart from any charges that might arise from the staking validator where SUI gets staked. All such fees are incorporated in the displayed APY%. Keep in mind, the Volo Governance DAO might amend protocol fees in the future.

Risks Involved

Staking SUI is largely secure. However, potential risks such as smart contract vulnerabilities or centralization concerns can emerge in liquid staking scenarios. We partner with reputable validators to minimize these risks, and we also undergo rigorous audits from esteemed smart contract audit firms to ensure the safety of our protocol.

Liquidity Options

Seek liquidity avenues for staked SUI on our platform. Our ecosystem provides various liquidity pools and DeFi activities, letting you earn more rewards.

vSUI Value Discrepancy

When staking, the acquired vSUI quantity might differ from SUI due to value changes. The formula used is stake * exchange_ratio, where the ratio is deduced as:

exchange ratio=total supply of vSUItotal staked SUI+total rewards for staked SUItotal unstaked vSUI\text{exchange ratio} = \frac{\text{total supply of vSUI}}{\text{total staked SUI} + \text{total rewards for staked SUI} - \text{total unstaked vSUI}}

Need Help?

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